Insight for the development of an AGI

Intelligence is a tool resulting of evolutionary process. Intelligence have two dimensions: the capability of representing the world and the capability to use this representation for effective decision making, as decision making is the key point to ensure the existence through time. The level of intelligence is a product of these two capabilities.

Working on these capabilities to build an artificial intelligence lead to two results. Depending on the development, a partial one will lead to ASI, artificial specific intelligence, a complete one will lead to AGI, artificial general intelligence.

Human being has his own representation of the world based on set of input received and experiments made.  Human being made automate computation on this world representation to take decision, but also made computation to upgrade his world representation by a continuous improvement process, there is thus a feedback process between capabilities.

Human being is a life form, as all life form, it has no purpose in itself. Life is evolving through time and, most of the time, processes maximizing existence through time are selected. Intelligence is one of these processes. Life can be seen as a chain reaction that maximise his existence through time by favouring processes that notably increase decision making, as intelligence.

Developing an artificial intelligence is thus like developing an artificial tool. It is not taking into account a purpose. It can be used by us to enhance our capability to exist trough time. Giving a purpose to an artificial intelligence (by coding a target to reach) will be as telling a human to learn more, to focus on observation, to use more computational model, … In other words, to optimise the tool of intelligence but not to give a purpose to life itself.

There is a lack of understanding about a concept called the singularity. The concept of singularity takes into account independence and autonomy of an artificial system having a capability of representation of the world, a capability of compute on those representation and a feedback process between these capabilities. What’s missing to complete the concept of singularity is what I call a motivator. But as there is no purpose in life, to translate no motivation into a motivator to be able to add an artificial system in the chain reaction of life is an issue.

We have now several points to investigate in order to design a complete process for pushing an artificial system into the chain reaction of life.

Representation of the world: the question is on what element do we have to build this representation. Knowing that each life form has his own representation depending on the way its capturing information. Human five senses are a good approach that can be upgraded. Knowing also that the representation of the world is a partial representation of the reality in four dimensions (a representation takes into account physical items into space but also evolution of items into time). The issue can come from defining up to what extend do we need to go. It is a trade-off between exhaustivity, use of resources and speed of processing.

Use of the representation of the world: to have a computable representation of the world, there is a need to transform it into concept, schemes, hypothesis. It means meanly two points: fill in the blank without having direct information and manage the causality process. All these computation process will have as target to maximise the efficiency of decision making. Because each decision will have an impact on the next move. Again, there is a trade-off to do between maximising the choice and the reaction time, there is a risk to fall into an infinite loop or to do series of wrong move which will reduce the choice and effectiveness of the system on the long term.

What’s the ultimate criterion to follow to ensure the development of a real efficient general system that will continue to exist trough time by maximising its ratio: number of choice / resources used.

In order words, what’s the motivator to implement so that when we will push the start button, the system will be totally autonomous and evolve on the long term without going into a dead end.

If we are able to answer these three questions, then we will no more speak about AGI as it is only a tool but we will speak about a new life form, something totally autonomous being part of the chain reaction of life. That’s in my opinion the concept of singularity that need to be developed.

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